It’s hard not to be anxious, especially when we listen to the news.  And even if things on a national level are enough to evoke concern, there’s usually something to be concerned about in our everyday lives.  It’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

Something I’ve been reminded of in the past week or so is this: God is God.  This might sound overly simplistic at first, but trust me, it’s incredibly deep.  When we experience Him at a heart level, we can see that we have no reason to be worried.  When we stop and rest in His presence, when we become overwhelmed by Him, all the things that would cause us angst suddenly seem a lot less intimidating.  For there in His presence we see how big He is, How awesome His power and consequently, how small we are.  But it’s in this humbling place that we get our perspective restored (see Job 42:5).

And specifically regarding worry, Christ tells us not worry about tomorrow because: it hasn’t happened yet (James 4), He already knows our needs (Matt 6) and each day has enough trouble of it’s own (Matt 6).  I’m learning about this in regards to several things in my own life and I’m realizing (albeit slowly) that my worrying won’t make a bit of difference.  God is still in control, and though I may not like what He’s doing or allowing, He will use it to accomplish something good (Rom 8 ) and will use it to shape me more into His image (Heb 12). 

May we find rest and strength in His presence (Ps 91).