God Himself

Recent circumstances (namely – getting laid off a few weeks ago) have given me and my family another opportunity to learn to walk by faith. We have the opportunity to take God at His word that He will not only provide for our needs but also direct our paths.

While I am actively looking for my next job, I have been reading through different scriptures. Most recently I was reading in Deuteronomy (where Moses gives Israel the law, again, just before they enter into Canaan – 40 years late).  In chapter 31, Moses is reminding the nation that God will go before them and will be with them as they enter the new land and fight many battles in order to conquer and claim the land. Verses 3 and 8 caught my attention:

“The LORD your God himself will cross over ahead of you.” (v. 3, NIV)

“The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you.” (v. 8, NIV).

What really stands out to me the is the emphasis of “himself”.  Who is “himself”?  I know, an obvious answer, but really think about it – this is the God who created everything that exists with a few words and this is the nation that had a knack for perpetual rebellion against God.  God could have sent an angel to lead them – after all, they’re pretty bad dudes, one of whom could wipe out an entire army on his own.  But God chooses to lead His people himself.  He will fight their battles.  This is dripping with grace, that God steps down to lead a grumbling and rebellious people to the fulfillment of a promise that He gave to His chosen people.  He’s giving good things to those who haven’t earned it.  Absolutely amazing!

And the best part is that this was a precursor to Christ, who came, humbled Himself to take our place on the cross, offered us His righteousness, and who will himself lead us into the eternal promised land for those who believe in their hearts and confess with their mouths that He is Lord.