I struggle sometimes with where the line is.  Which side am I on today?  Heck, where is the line?  The line I’m talking about is the one between faith and effort.  On one side is our effort in whatever we’re pursuing and on the other side is faith in God’s provision.   One extreme excludes God’s intervention and relies solely on our own efforts & intelligence while the other extreme assumes God will do it all with no input from us.  I think the balance, like many things, is somewhere in the middle.  There are some things that only God can do, yet there are others that don’t develop until we do something.  Lately I’ve been trying to find that middle point where I’m trusting God’s provision while doing what I’m responsible for.  I don’t want to be presumptuous and do nothing and I don’t want to be lazy and do nothing.  A friend told me that if I figured out where that balance point is, then I will have figured out the essence of the Christian journey.  I suspect I’m not the only one who has wrestled with this.

The older I get, the more I realize the Christian life is not easily figured out.  There are truths that can be fully grapsed by a child, yet there are depths that all of eternity will not give enough time to fully explore and understand.  So we wrestle.  We dig deeper to see what God has intended.  I guess if following Christ were always easy, the path would be wide and many would follow.  However, narrow is the way…

Paul tells us in Philippians 2 to work out our salvation with fear and trembling.  The essence of this is that there are hidden treasures to be discovered with great effort and persistence.  After all, it is the greatest treasures that often require searching and digging for.  So in the meantime, I will go on wrestling and stumbling in pursuit of that to which I have been called.