God is bigger than the boogie man

If you’re wondering about the title to this post, it comes from a VeggieTales song that my son sings sometimes.   I was thinking this afternoon about how big God really is and for some reason, this song came to mind…  I’ve had several friends who have been going through some very difficult times over the past few months.  These are people who are in ministry and who have sacrificed much to follow where God has called.  Sometimes I wonder when God will intervene & bring deliverance or at least bring a season of rest.

Trust in GodYou see, trusting God isn’t just about believing God is big enough to handle the problems and challenges we face individually, it is also believing God is big enough for others who are also going through difficult times.

The reality is that I don’t understand God’s ways.  He doesn’t respond when I think He should.  But then again, He is infinte.  He is eternal.  His ways are far above mine.  Trying to understand God is like trying to contain the ocean with a dixie cup – impossible.  After all, we are the ones who were created, not the other way around.    And God doesn’t owe me or anyone an explanation.

We know through the Bible that He loves us and offers forgiveness to rebellious people and that there is something far better on the other side of this world.  So even though I don’t understand, even though I question, I’m thankful that God is in complete control and that He’s even bigger than the boogie man.

Verses to consider: Romans 8:28-39.



  1. I don’t believe in a ghost (dead people’s spirit), so the bogeyman doesn’t exists for me.

    I do believe in Holy Ghost, God’s Holy Spirit.

  2. Interesting. I believe in spirits. That is, people continue to exist when the body dies. But mostly, I’m convinced that God is big enough to read, understand, and woe, my heart.

  3. Hey, Man! I have a new blog address: http://trholler.wordpress.com/

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