Still haven’t found what I’m looking for

Ok, I know I’m plagiarizing a great song, but it makes a great intro into some thoughts.  I had coffee with a good friend today & we had a great conversation, in part about God’s will, which is something most of us have thought about, asked about, wondered about at some point.

I’ve asked God His will about my job, about my wife, about most major decisions I’ve made. After many years of ups & downs, moments of clarity and moments of thick fog, I’m starting to realize that it’s the pursuit of God that is His will for us. If God told me up front the specific things He wanted me to do, I’d probably try to go out and do it on my own (think Abraham, Hagar & Ishmael). What I’m realizing is that as I seek after God, I learn more about who He is, so that when He does reveal specific things about His will, I’ve been prepared for what He’s doing.

James talks about our maturity being brought about through perseverance which is brought about by difficulties and testing. I suspect that it can be God’s seeming delays in answering our questions that actually develop the maturity we need to do what God has prepared for us to do. At the end of the day, it is God Himself who is our pursuit and is the fulfillment of our hearts greatest desires (Ps 37:4, Matt 22:37, Matt 6:33). It is in pursuing God Himself that we discover His will for our lives, it isn’t something He shows us so we can go off on our own and report back on occasion.

Ironically, the closer I get to Christ, the less I’m concerned about the specifics of His will (the what, where, when…) for the closer I get, the more I am overwhelmed by who He is and how much I have in Him.


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