Pot roast life

One of my favorite meals is my wife’s pot roast. She cooks it in the crockpot for four hours. It’s not a meal you can cook fast. Put it in the microwave for 30 minutes and you’ve got something that doesn’t resemble edible food. It’s a process that can’t be sped up. Shift to a different scenario – the wilderness, watching sheep for 40 years. Sounds like a great time doesn’t it? I’m sure that’s what Moses thought, too. Years chasing after wandering animals. A long way from the palace and a long way from his people. Sometimes God’s way of getting us where we need to be is much like being in a crockpot. There’s no shortcut, no easy way to do it. Any shortcuts and we end up like Abraham, dealing with the consequences of trying to speed up God’s time line. While I personally think waiting months for something is a long time, I’m learning that God’s timetable can span years. His concern is developing my heart and shaping my character to reflect His own. And while 40 years (or whatever the timeframe in our own lives may be) seems a ridiculously long time to us, that’s nothing in the scope of eternity. Four hours in the crockpot is a meal well worth the wait. I suspect that anything we endure, even if it’s forty years of waiting, will be more than worth the wait. As Paul said, though we waste away outwardly, inwardly we’re renewed daily. For in Christ we have the hope of life, both for now and eternity.


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