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There are days like today when I find myself being extremely challenged by Scripture.  Today it’s 2 Cor 4:16-18.  The essence is that there is more than what we see in this life and that is the basis of how we should live.  The same principle is echoed in Matt 6 where Christ teaches that His kingdom (that which is unseen) is more important than even our daily physical needs of food and clothing.   These are passages that I normally hear or read and think, “Wow!  That’s some great teaching,” but that I do a really bad job of actually living out.  Much of my time is focused on things like what kind of cell phone I want or on how much I think I should make at my next job.  God’s economy is much different than mine.  His priorities greatly different.  How do I live this life seeing “what is unseen”?  To be honest, I’m still figuring this one out.   I’m thankful that God has given us the Bible, His Spirit and that He is patient.  I want to better understand the reality He has called us to.  I want to live such that I’m concerned about things more than whether or not I have a cool phone.


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  1. I think there is a lot “unseen” and that is why we walk by faith nit by sight.

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