Whose in charge?

Well, I’m getting back to my rambling…

I like Starbucks.  I like the bold coffee, especially the Gold Coast blend.  It’s good and strong.  I also like the egg nog latte.  And the mocha’s are really good, too.  And the service is really good.  Sometimes, if they don’t have the coffee ready, they’ll give it to me for free.  How great is that?   Sadly, I realize that I have a Starbucks mindset when it comes to my relationship w/ Christ.  I want things to be just how I want them to be.   “I’d like that with a double-shot of blessing, light on the pain.”  I like being comfortable.  I like to have extra and to have a cushion against anything that causes undue stress.   But I forget that I’m not called to be comfortable.  I’m not called to do what will ensure a nice 401k or what gives me a bigger house.  I’m called to follow.  I’m called to obey.  I’m called to go wherever Christ leads, even when that’s when somewhere that doesn’t have a Starbucks.